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Account Takeover Prevention

Protect customer accounts and swiftly identify compromised machines and credentials leveraging a proprietary real-time database.

Safeguard your organization with proactive defense against account takeovers

Account takeover (ATO) threats are at an all-time high, driven by an endless stream of compromised credentials, often resulting in direct financial loss. Unauthorized transactions can lead to refunds, chargebacks, and the loss of goods or services fraudulently obtained under the guise of a legitimate customer account.

This can not only impact your company’s immediate financial health but can also cause long-term damage to customer trust, brand reputation, increase operational costs, and can potentially result in costly regulatory fines.

Authenticate credential security instantly during each login

With every customer login attempt, the organization conducts a real-time verification of the account’s security using ATOP, with an ultra-fast response time. If the account is confirmed secure, the login proceeds successfully. If however, a compromise is detected, the system forces a password reset for the user, reinforcing the account’s security integrity.

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How it works

password must be reset

login is successful

World's first and only real-time account security and protection with hourly updates and alerts

Swiftly identify compromised machines and credentials and preempt potential breaches with  ATOP. Leveraging a proprietary real-time database, ATOP updates compromised machine and credential information on an hourly basis – far surpassing the weekly or monthly updates offered by traditional “Threat Intelligence” platforms.

ATO Prevention (T-ATOP) also lets you stay ahead of account takeover attacks by addressing not only account take-overs via stolen credentials.

Key features of our real-time account takeover prevention system:

Automated prevention

Seamless integration with your application automatically triggers password reset, preventing login and abuse of compromised customer accounts

Real-time credential updates

Our database confirms credential compromises within hours of their occurrence, setting us apart from other services that may take weeks or months to update.

Customer security

Ensure the security of your customers' accounts, even in the event their own systems suffer a data breach.

Invisible security

Maintain seamless security, invisibly safeguarding them without impacting their user experience, all achieved with ultra-fast measures that they won’t even notice.

Forging the future of protection with our unique capabilities:

Safeguard your enterprise and ensure your customers’ digital safety with ATO Prevention. Fortify your defenses against unauthorized access, preserving the integrity of digital identities across your organization.

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Harvesting key insights from the ocean of data:

We bring a novel perspective to cybersecurity, with a platform that excels in uncovering and monitoring all types of identity leaks. We ensure your organization benefits from the most relevant, updated, and complete information on compromised credentials.

Infostealers database:

Our platform leverages a comprehensive suite of resources,  including a constantly updated database from Infostealers, maintaining an up-to-the-minute record of compromised information.

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