Detect and neutralize machine and credential compromises

Our mission

Twilight Cyber’s mission is to dramatically reduce data breaches and ransomware attacks around the globe by reducing the detection time of compromised credentials and infected machines.

Our revolutionary approach eliminates the need for complex software installations and intrusive internal network monitoring, making it an efficient and user-friendly solution.

Our team

Amir Erez


Netanel Elbaz


Roy Golombick


Nadav Peleg


The impact of credential theft


2023 Average cost of a data breach

11 seconds

2023 Average time between Ransomware attacks


2023 Total cost of data breaches

22 days

Average business downtime as a result of ransomware attacks

287 days

Time to detect and contain a breach. Increase YoY

4 days

Time in which the SEC requires companies to disclose material breaches

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