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Twilight Cyber offers ultra-fast detection of compromised machines and credentials, drastically minimizing the likelihood of ransomware attacks, data breaches, and internal system damages.

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The Critical Need for Early Detection of Compromised Credentials

In an increasingly digital world, the security of online systems and data is paramount. One key vulnerability is compromised credentials – usernames, passwords, and cookies that have been stolen or exposed and are utilized by bad actors to attack your organization. leading to catastrophic outcomes, including devastating ransomware attacks and data breaches.

In this high-stakes environment, the early detection of compromised credentials is more than just a best practice – it’s a necessity. By identifying and addressing compromised credentials swiftly, organizations can act before cybercriminals do, preventing ransomware attacks, protecting their data, and preserving their operations and reputation.

At Twilight Cyber, we specialize in detecting compromised credentials in the critical, first few hours post the initial leak. Such an extremely early detection provides actionable intelligence, empowering organizations to stay one step ahead of potential threats. Join us in our mission to secure the digital world and prevent the next big ransomware attack.

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Twilight Cyber’s Solutions

Cloud Applications

Twilight Cyber prioritizes safeguarding your cloud applications from the enormous risks of compromised credentials. Our technology swiftly detects compromised credentials and cookies, triggering immediate protective measures for your sensitive data and operational continuity. We furnish detailed insights about the affected computer, username, and malware path, allowing you to accurately target vulnerabilities and strengthen security. Our solution bolsters trust, reduces potential downtime, and fortifies the integrity of your cloud-based operations against evolving digital threats.

Mobile Applications

Twilight Cyber’s rapid detection is also vital for mobile applications, where the leakage of credentials can lead to significant security and privacy issues. Our prompt detection enables immediate response to potential threats, ensuring the safety of both user data and application integrity. Moreover, with the exact details of the compromised device, username, and malware’s path, businesses can swiftly troubleshoot, patch vulnerabilities, and maintain the trust of their mobile user base.

Cookies leakage

Cookies, when compromised, can bypass Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), enabling unauthorized access. At Twilight Cyber, we understand this risk. Our robust cookie leakage detection swiftly identifies and neutralizes these threats, fortifying your security measures and maintaining the integrity of your systems, thereby upholding your business continuity and reputation.

Supply chain protection

Twilight Cyber extends its advanced protection to your entire supply chain ecosystem, mitigating risks and fortifying your business network. Our cutting-edge technology detects compromised credentials and cookie leakages, providing a robust defense against ransomware and data breaches. With Twilight Cyber, you’re not just securing your operations, but enhancing the trustworthiness of your partnerships and safeguarding your reputation. In short, we deliver value by transforming your cyber defense from a single entity protection to a comprehensive network shield.

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