Protect Your Digital Identities with Real-Time Breach Detection.

Detect and neutralize machine and credential compromises within hours of a breach. No installation required.


Infected machines detected each month


Leaked credentials detected each month


Time reduction in breach forensic analysis

Stay ahead of cyber threats!

Protect your data

Safeguard your organizational data and prefect data theft.

Prevent ransomware attacks

Discover computer breaches and leaked credentials in near real-time, letting you mitigate before attackers can exploit them.

Safeguard operations

Protect your business continuity and brand image by stopping attacks before they happen.

Get near real-time alerts of machine breaches and secure leaked credentials before they can be exploited

Compromised credentials and cookies are a major entry point for attackers, triggering devastating outcomes including ransomware attacks and data leaks.

Once leaked from a company device, these credentials are quickly sold to threat actors who exploit them to access the network. Current solutions often detect leaks too late, after weeks or months.

How we work:

Rapid breach detection

Twilight cyber breach detection constantly monitors the most inner circles of the dark web, enabling us to detect and pintpoint machine breaches and leaked credentials at the earliest stages, within hours of the breach.

Machines protection and incident containment

Our breach protection for your company assets and infrastructure allows us to nofify you about breaches in near-real-time, enabling you to act swiftly and render compromised credentials obsolete and allowing you to quickly pinpoint compromised machines, for swift incident recovery and containment

Don't wait for a breach to happen!

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Dark web

Credentials stolen from user machine

Data spreads in Dark Web

Threat actors buy credentials on Dark Web marketplace

Victim organization hacked using credentials



4-8 Weeks

Compromise detected by Twilight Cyber


Compromise detected by competitors

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Asset Protection

Identify compromised credentials swiftly. With our real-time dark web monitoring you can prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and financial losses.

In the case of a machine breach, our extremely fast detection will notify you within hours, giving you a critical head start in containing the threat.

Account Takeover Prevention

Authenticate credential security instantly during each user login and swiftly identify compromised machines and credentials, pre-empting potential breaches with our proprietary real-time database.

Twilight Cyber’s ATO Prevention (T-ATOP) updates compromised machine and credential information on an hourly basis — far surpassing the weekly or monthly updates offered by traditional “Threat intelligence” platforms.

Partner / Supply Chain Protection

A single vulnerability in your third-party vendor’s security can open the door to devastating cyberattacks on your organization. Compromised credentials can provide attackers with an easy entry point into your systems through your digital supply chain.

Twilight Cyber’s Supply Chain Protection efficiently identifies compromised credentials of your third-party vendors in near real-time, safeguarding your organization from the devastating consequences of supply chain breaches.

OT Network & Critical Infrastructure Protection

Despite OT networks being disconnected from the outside world, they are susceptible to being breached.

Our protection quickly detects compromised OT credentials and identifies machines that have access to them through real-time monitoring and near-real-time breach detection. Through rapid mitigation, you can prevent escalation and ensure the integrity of your critical infrastructure.

Detect data breaches in real-time with Twilight Cyber

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What is the critical need for early detection of compromised credentials?

Breached credentials act as an open invitation for attackers, granting them easy access to your systems and sensitive data. Once inside, cybercriminals can wreak havoc on your organization, unleashing devastating consequences such as:

Ransomware Attacks

Attackers can encrypt critical data and demand ransom payments, bringing your operations to a standstill and causing significant financial losses.

Massive Data Leaks

Breached credentials can lead to the theft and exposure of sensitive customer information, intellectual property, and confidential business data, resulting in severe reputational damage and potential legal repercussions.

Irreparable Business Damage

The fallout from compromised credentials can be far-reaching, eroding customer trust, straining partner relationships, and attracting negative media attention, all of which can have a lasting impact on your organization’s bottom line and future growth prospects.

Secure your company before hackers do

Real-Time Breach Detection

We monitor 5+ billion records daily, identifying leaks across the web, cloud, supply chain, and even your partners' domains.

Immediate Actionable Insights

Our platform delivers real-time alerts with comprehensive details – including the machine most likely compromised, the type of malware involved, and the exact time of the breach, allowing you to take swift action.

Proactive Risk Management

We go beyond just detection. Our continuous monitoring identifies security gaps in your operations, empowering you to strengthen governance, prevent breaches, and boost your overall security posture.

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Twilight Cybersecurity gets you covered to:

Prevent fraudulent purchases

Mitigate malware-stolen credentials

Shut down compromised machines immediately

Implement additional security measures

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Zero installation required

Once credentials are leaked from employees’ computers, there is a short window until it is sold off to threat actors who exploit them to gain access to the organization’s network. 
Existing solutions often detect these leaks within weeks/months, which is too late.

Detection in hours, not weeks or months

Stay ahead of cybercriminals with the early detection service. Our advanced solutions identify compromised credentials within a few hours of the initial leak.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do Twilight Cyber alerts reach the customer?

    Users can access critical information through the intuitive Twilight Cyber portal or leverage our powerful API to effortlessly inject data into third-party systems, such as SIEM, SOC, and other security tools. This versatile approach ensures that valuable insights are readily available and can be utilized effectively within your organization’s unique security ecosystem.

  • What actions should be taken based on the findings provided by Twilight Cyber?

    Twilight Cyber empowers customers to proactively mitigate risks associated with compromised credentials before they can be exploited by malicious actors. Upon receiving an alert, customers should promptly take the following steps:

    1. Identify the infected machine: Utilize the unique identifiers provided by Twilight Cyber to pinpoint the exact device that has been compromised.
    2. Remove the malware: Leverage the precise malware path information supplied by Twilight Cyber to thoroughly remove the malicious software from the affected machine.
    3. Update compromised credentials: Immediately change the passwords for any services or accounts associated with the compromised machine to prevent unauthorized access.

    By following these recommended actions, organizations can swiftly contain and eliminate threats, minimizing the potential impact of credential compromise and ensuring the continued security of their systems and data.

  • How Does Twilight Cyber Detect Breaches and Credential Compromises?

    Our technology is based on hundreds of sensors strategically placed in special areas over the dark web.

    Our unique technology allows us to remain present in places where others cannot, for an extended period and at scale. This allows us to monitor and gather critical information in near real-time, as soon as it begins to circulate, well before it appears on forums, groups, or marketplaces.
    As soon as our system detects any significant information or anomalies, it immediately generates and sends a targeted alert to the customer.

  • Does Twilight Cyber require any software installation on my devices?

    No. Twilight Cyber does not require any installation on your devices. Our technology works by monitor leakages of internal and external services, cloud services and mobile application leakage without any installation required.

    Just provide us with a list of your company assets

  • Does Twilight Cyber hack, attack or perform any active operation?

    Our technology employs a fully passive approach, focusing on strategic listening and information gathering from carefully selected sources. Our methods do not involve any form of unauthorized access, such as penetrating servers, computers, or other devices.

Stay ahead of cyber threats!